M.Urb.Des: Course

Public Space

Golani Solomon Erez, Dr. Arch.‎, Semester 2, Wednesday, 09:00-12:00
This seminar course is concerned with the collective nature and political potential of urban public spaces. It sees public space as an arena for social and political contest and struggle, whose form and function are determined, at one side, by the authority of political, economic, religious and cultural forces, and by an expression of social desire at the other. The seminar is divided chronologically between three parts. The first offers critical overview of key concepts of public space as they were introduced at the ancient and the modern city, the second deals with the changing notions of the realm at the contemporary city, while the third proposes a speculative prediction of public space in the near future.There are two consecutive classroom sessions every week. Usually, there will be a lecture at the first session, while the second lecture period will wear a seminar format and be used for class discussions of the assigned readings, screening of films and videos, visiting lectures, or field trips. These activities are equally important to the class lectures, and should be used to further practice critical thinking and develop analysis skills of public space related topics.