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Urban Renewal: for whom and for what ?

(10.12.2014, 15:30-18:30, Hansen Compound, 14 Gedaliah Alon st., Jerusalem, )

The Urban Design Master's Degree Program

Learning from Jerusalem - Rethinking Planning and Urban Geopolitics

(22.5.2014, French Research Centre Jerusalem (CRFJ))

Urban Design Research Seminar

DESURBS : academic seminar and professional training session

(12.5.2014, See inside)

Designing Safer Urban Spaces


Would you like to study one semester in Jerusalem?

HopeSpot Balloon at the Second international C5I conference

HopeSpot Balloon at the Second international C5I conference

The Bezalel DesUrbs collaborated with the Israel Home Front Command

Extension (till March 22, 2013) for submission to apply for the positions

Head of the Master in Policy and Theory of the Arts, Head of the Master of Urban Design

SWISS POSITIONS - Exhibition and Events

(03.1.2013-02.2.2013, Exhibition opening: Thusday, 3 January 2013, 19:00, ZEZEZE - Hangar 21 Tel Aviv Harbor Israel)

33 takes on sustainable approaches to building

Awards and Prizes - December 2012

Awarded to Bezalel Lecturers, Alumni and Students

Jerusalem - Moscow

(28.1.2012-05.2.2012, Yaffo 23, Jerusalem, )

A Joint Seminar Experiment, Public Lectures on Jan 31

The cross-cultural city: urban context and cultural diversity

(workshop, 11.11.2010-12.11.2010, Van Leer Jerusalem Institute)

The 2010 urban design graduate workshop celebrating the UNESCO International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures

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