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M.Urb.Des: Program Layout

The structure of the studies

The programme is based on two main units of study and discussion, as outlined below.

Unit 1 – Design Studies
  a.            Studio & Final Project
In the context of this unit, the students will engage, over the course of four semesters, in the design and planning of various urban issues. This curricular activity is based on the understanding that the professional component of the activity will include a research module.
  b.            Urban Design Fundamentals
The studio classes will be augmented by such supporting subjects as urban infrastructure/environmental systems, assessing, GIS and 3D computer systems, municipal organization theories and models – as subjects that complement the studio work on a regular basis.
Unit 2 – The Theory & History of the City Form
  a.            Theoretical Studies
Core (mandatory) courses and elective courses: the courses for this unit were selected based on the study of  the city as a historic, cultural, social and economic phenomenon and address the prevailing planning paradigms of the last two centuries, in cooperation with the activities of the UNESCO Chair in Urban Design and Conservation Studies.
  b.            Seminars
The seminars enable an in-depth examination and research of specific subjects that constitute a part of the theoretical aspect of the professional studio classes, such as:
-    Jerusalem as a historic, universal and conflicting phenomenon and as a city that does not belong only to its inhabitants.
-    City conservation, rehabilitation and renewal: one of the most significant subjects that contemporary society will need to address.
-    Quality of life and open space in the city: a discussion of green space design in the environmental and social contexts.
-    City gardens: a historic and philosophical discussion of the essence of the garden and the open space, which despite being public can also be conceived as an extension of the home.

Unit 1 – Design Studies
Studio and Final Project
24 credit points
Urban Design Fundamentals - Impact & Implementation
4 credit points
Unit 2 – The Theory & History of the City Form
Theoretical Studies
6 credit points
12 credit points
46 credit points


The programme is currently intended for candidates with a bachelor's degree in the following fields:
>    Architecture - B.Sc., B.Arch., BA(Arch);
>    Landscape architecture - BLA.