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Bezalel Alumni Circle

Bezalel is one of the leading academies in the field of art and design both in Israel and all over the world, and many of its graduates can be found in the center of the world of art, design and architecture in Israel and abroad, both in artistic work and in teaching positions. The required dialogue between the academy and its graduates is a praiseworthy and important initiative which is beneficial for both parties.

At the end of 2006, with the conclusion of the centennial events, the Bezalel Alumni Circle was established with the initiative and support of the Bezalel administration.

The goals of the circle:

  1. Communication between the academia and the alumni – Graduates are invited to take part in submission days in the various departments of the academy, and attend events and conferences at the academy, as well as exhibits and seminars. Information on these various events will be published on the bezalel website. Updates and current information include – information on exhibits and various events involving alumni, competitions, professional conferences and information on prizes and awards received by graduates.
  2. Alumni may open their own personal site in the bezalel internet site by registering to the Alumnii database and publish portfolios in the various alumni albums; they can also update information as often as they like.
  3. The list of Bezalel alumni includes over 7000 graduates and lecturers. We are continuously constructing and updating the database in order to maintain contact with the alumni from all the various departments and years of study. Those who are presently not receiving any type of information from us via e-mail are welcome to Fill out a short registration form.