(27.10-25.11.2011, Yaffo St. 23 , Jerusalem, )

we are happy to announce Formatology, our next show at Bezalel, Yaffo 23
the opening is this Thursday, 8pm.

Handmade underground music packaging
Curators: David Opp, Rani Zager
October 27th, 8pm (closing November 25)

Press Release (Scroll down for english)

The Israeli label Heart and Crossbone will display their unique collection of musical formats acquired through the elaborate network of trades between underground music labels. This set of packages reveals a secret world of highly personal work done with the same degree of intention and investment as does the music within.    
Several djs will "play" the show—Tomer Rosenthal on the opening night, Lior Ashkenazy on Monday 31/10 at 8pm, Rani Zager on Friday 11/11 at 11am, and Panda Porn on 24/11 at 8pm.