Angeliki Zervou (Greece) : Athens: The Perception of the City Through Television Series

(02.1.2012, 18:00, Architecture Dept. Bezalel St., Jerusalem)

 In her lecture, Angeliki Zervou will look into the way the city is read, sensed and represented through television series and how these series affect one’s perception of the city’s identity and multiple realities. Its main focus is the city of Athens
It aims in exploring the ways changes in the city’s built environment, social formation and lifestyle are depicted on media and television broadcasting and the role of television series in affecting the way the city is evolving, changing and experienced by its’ citizens. 

The first part looks into the position and the role of television in the contemporary society and culture.
The second part looks into the way developments and changes in the built environment, the social and political sphere of the city have appeared in early Greek cinema and television, from the first broadcasting period until the city’s preparation for the Olympic Games of 2004.
The last and main part analyses three chosen tv series broadcasted between 2007 and 2009. Each one of the chosen series has a different approach and deals with different aspects of Athens, adding points of interest and making connections with the on-going discussion about the city.
Angeliki Zervou was born and raised in Crete. She studied architecture at the University of Patras [between 2001-2008], followed by a master's degree in Architecture and Urban Culture at the Metropolis program in Barcelona [between 2009-2010]. She is currently working as an architect and doing a second master in Cultural Management at Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, Athens.

The lecture will be held in English.