The “Golden Mile” urban art exhibit , part of the international exhibition "PURE GOLD"

(07.6-30.10.2012, Safra Sq., Jerusalem)


In honor of the Bible Lands Museum’s 20th anniversary, the Museum has opened an international exhibition entitled "PURE GOLD" and a new urban art display called the "GOLDEN MILE", made up of works by students of the Jewelry and Fashion Department at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.


Jerusalem of Gold came to life in time for summer with two innovative and unusual “gold” exhibitions opening in June, a fitting tribute to the City of Gold. Last week, on Thursday, June 7, 2012, the spectacular international exhibition, “Pure Gold”, opened at the Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem. This week, the second part of the “Pure Gold” exhibition, the “Golden Mile” project, opens in the heart of the city at Safra Square (Kikar Safra) – Jerusalem’s City Hall public square. Both exhibits will remain open until the end of the summer season.

The “Golden Mile” exhibit, which was inspired by the “Pure Gold” exhibit, will showcase the work of first-year students from the Department of Jewelry and Fashion at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem.

In the 20 years since its founding, the Bible Lands Museum has served as a bridge between the past and present, a home to exquisite ancient treasures, an inspiration for contemporary creativity and a center for broad cultural activities.

"In celebrating our 20th anniversary, the Bible Lands Museum is proud to bring the exquisite art of the ancient world into the contemporary focus of the artists of tomorrow,” says Amanda Weiss, Museum director. “This new exhibition and its concurrent cooperative exhibit with the Bezalel Academy reflect the innovative nature of the BLMJ and its many exciting cultural and educational activities."

“By initiating this project, the Museum has provided a unique opportunity for close to 40 students who were privileged to personally experience the artifacts before they were installed in the exhibition. It is a tremendous privilege to continue in the footsteps of the Museum founders by taking their vision and building on it exponentially as we reach out to ever greater audiences. In the words of Dr. Elie Borowski (1913-2003), ‘The future of mankind has its roots in the past – and only through understanding our history can we build a better future’," says Weiss.

“Pure Gold” reveals the secrets of this most magical of metals that have captivated humanity throughout history. The exhibition displays more than 250 rare and exquisite gold treasures, many of which have never been exhibited before, that shed light on the lifestyles of ancient aristocrats. Among the artifacts: a fantastic collection of Etruscan fibulae, breathtaking Greek and Roman jewelry, belt-buckles worn by soldiers in ancient China and many other artifacts from Mesopotamia, Egypt, Persia and the Black Sea. The exhibition was researched and the full color catalog authored by guest scholar, Prof. John Boardman of Oxford University, England, one of the world's foremost experts on classical art.

The “Golden Mile” urban art exhibit was inspired by the "Pure Gold" exhibition and undertaken as a tribute to the Bible Lands Museum and the city of Jerusalem. The first-year students of Bezalel Academy’s Jewelry and Fashion Department were directly exposed to the works that would be displayed in the exhibition at the start of the project.

As part of their foundation year (the first of a four-year degree program), they researched and investigated gold as both a material and as a concept, its history, the values it represents, its economic value, modes of production, and more. Inspired by the preliminary research and study, the students were invited to create a tribute to Jerusalem – the City of Gold – to its people, both real and fictional, its sites, special structures, its history, and to the ideas and conflicts that the city reflects.

The students’ works of art will be on display in an outdoor exhibition, installed in specially-designed display cases, at Safra Square (Kikar Safra), with the support of the City of Jerusalem municipality. The works on display as part of the “Golden Mile” will illustrate the story of the city – both in material and in spirit – and will connect the past and the present, the ancient and the modern.

The “Golden Mile” project is an initiative of the Bible Lands Museum in collaboration with Jerusalem Municipality’s Department of Culture, Society and Leisure and the Department of Jewelry and Fashion at Bezalel.

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