The Lola Taumann Prize

(27.11.2012, 14:30, )

The Annual Lola Taumann Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Fashion Design

The prize was established by her children Jimmi and Sarah Rembiszewski to honour and preserve the memory of their beloved mother, Lola Taumann (b. Fajnsztat), and to reflect her exceptional talent, colourful personality, courage and determination. The intention is that the prize money be used to help the winner set up a business in fashion design following their graduation.
The Rembiszewski family will provide a mentor from the business world to the prize winner during their first year out of the Academy in order to assist them in getting established.
The $10.000 dollar prize is the largest fashion design prize awarded at Bezalel. The annual prize will be open to fourth year fashion design students. Deadline for application submission is May 15th.
The jury will convene to view the candidates' works during the last two weeks of July, when the works will be exhibited at the Bezalel End of Year Exhibition.
Lola Taumann's CV