Scope Creep - Digital Design in Contemporary Art

(13.12.2012-11.1.2013, See Inside, Bezalel, Yaffo 23/ Jerusalem, )

Scope Creep  - Digital Design in Contemporary Art

The exhibition will open on Thursday, December 13, 2102, at 19:00, as part of the Design Week, at Bezalel, Yaffo 23/ Jerusalem

Closing Date: January 11, 2013.

Gallery activity hours:
Monday-Thursday: 11:00-18:00
Friday: 11:00-14:00

Jeremy Bailey
Alex Delany
Constant Dullaart
Shana Moulton
Jon Rafman

Curator: Mikhel Proulx

Scope Creep introduces five artists who are working under the polished skin of digital culture, engaging with the core of its design. They have turned their attention to the tools and languages of digital imagery to confront the technologized world around them. Their artworks expose and question the assumptions and expectations of mainstream design. Here, the sometimes-flexible boundaries between art, design and technology lends to a re-appraisal of common practices in the network age.

In a system that values clean logic and effective solutions, how useful are gestures that point back to the uncertain realm of questions? Scope Creep invites such critical questioning of the designed world around us.

Jeremy Bailey’s performance-for-video works employ a tongue-in-cheek use of DIY, digital media. A self-identified ‘famous new-media artist,’ Bailey’s idiosyncratic humour lends a human scale to the technologies he plays with.

Alex Delany creates meticulous videos-collages from original studio footage. His practice extends from his day-job as a commercial videographer, though gains bounds by abandoning the strict tenets of advertising.

The on- and offline artworks of Constant Dullaart exploit the tools of web, video and print design. With them, he undermines the rigidity and efficiency of communications media, and instead offers critical insights into their logic.

In her oeuvre of short, narrative videos, Shana Moulton, through her alter-ego
Cynthia, traverses kitschy domestic interiors and psychedelic forests. These fictionalized, psychological spaces internalize the media landscape – pulling imagery from both online-culture and new-age spirituality.

Media artist, filmmaker and essayist Jon Rafman elaborates on the roles of the image within networked culture. His printed works visualize impossible objects that are thinkable only within the digital age.

Yaffo 23 is a center for research, production, and presentation of contemporary art and culture in downtown Jerusalem. Part of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Yaffo 23 is a non-for-profit catalyst and an advocate for new ideas and discourses, dedicated to the promotion of independent and meaningful local and international work.

Images  :
Shana Moulton | still from Whispering Pines 4 | video, 10m53s | 2007
Jon Rafman | NAD (Zigzagman Malevich) | digital image | 2012
Jeremy Bailey | stills from Colours of the Spectrum | performance video, 11m08s | 2010