Jan Tichy - On Collections

(09.1.2013, 17:30, Bezalel, Yaffo 23, Jerusalem, )

On Collections

Lecture and one-day installation by Jan Tichy

 17:30, 09.01.2013

Bezalel, Yaffo 23

The lecture is open to the public

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Bezalel, Yaffo23 is happy to host the artist Jan Tichy (Chicago) for a lecture and a one-day projection of his work.

Jan Tichy's (1974, Czech Republic) works combine photography, video and sculpture. Tichy is best known for his dynamic use of projected light and video in installations that incorporate objects and architecture. In his lecture at Yaffo 23, he will talk "On Collections" and his work as an artist with the archives of museums. Among the topics that will be discussed: the role of the artist as a creator or a collector, the role of the contemporary museum and the untapped potential of the past in the present.

In the project that was presented in October 2012 at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago, Tichy reexamined the permanent collection of the museum that contains more then11,000 images, and curated a new exhibition. The exhibition included new video works that respond to the collection or refer to images from it. Tichy combined art works with different contents and background by selecting objects based on seemingly arbitrary criteria – first, last, largest, smallest, brightest, darkest.

The "Collection", a new video piece from this exhibition will be displayed in Yaffo 23 for a day.

The “Corner Stone Gallery”, where Tichy invited guest curators to create their own exhibitions from the collections, will also be displayed. Guest curators: Mickey Kratsman, Head of the Photography Department at Bezalel; and Ayelet Cohen Shachar, Head of the Department of Photography at Musrara.

For more information on the project at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago: