Students' and Graduates' works 2006-2012 - Schmuck 2013 in München

(07.3-09.3.2013, See inside for more information, Munich, Atelier Oliver Dopheide, Welserstr. 11)

Graduates' works 2006-2012

Bezalel, Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, Department of Jewelry & Fashion


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Jewellery in Munich Program

The Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, with this collection of jewelry created by students and graduates of the Jewelry and Fashion department – will exhibit for the first time during the Schmuck fair, held in Munich, Germany.
These pieces are a selection from various courses that have taken place in the department over the last years, and from formulations which were initiated during studies in the Academy and later enabled a starting point of a personal vocabulary after graduation.

Each young Jeweler exhibits here a 'personal expressive space' - an outcome of material and intellectual processes, relating to the body and its environment. The works deal with a broad range of subject matter, from the most intimate issues towards sociological and geographical matters.

Curators: Vered Kaminski, Einat Leader
Producer: Shir Pins

Naama Bergman / Dave + Esty Bortz / Attai Chen / Shachar Cohen / Amir Friedman / Anat Golan / Shira Goldberger  / Avishag Goldman / Noga Hadad  / Dana Hakim / Noga Harel / Naama Levit / Odelia Liberman / Keren Peretz / Shir Pins / Shany Priness

Atelier Oliver Dopheide, Welserstr. 11
Tel +49 176 61545726

7.3.2013 , 15:00 hrs

7.3 15:00- 17:00 / 8.3 10:00- 17:00 / 9.3 10:00- 17:00