My Barbarian (Alexandero Segade, Malik Gaines, and Jade Gordon)

(30.5-04.6.2013, SEE IN TEXT, YAFFO 23 Jerusalem, )

My Barbarian (Alexandero Segade, Malik Gaines, and Jade Gordon)

Workshop at the fine arts dept. on may 30th    for more information

Performance and Opening at Yaffo 23 on june 4th   for more information

My Barbarian (Alexandero Segade, Malik Gaines, and Jade Gordon) is a Los Angeles-based artist collective using theater, music and visual art in a virtuosic and radical manner. Their performances and works deal with the deepest and most basic components of our society and culture – such as rituals, faiths, community, history and mythology. They have been exhibited amongst other places at the Whitney Museum of Modern Art, the New Museum in New York, the Los Angeles Contemporary Art Museum, De Appel in Amsterdam and El Eco in New Mexico. This will be their first solo exhibition in Israel.
The collective recently arrived in Israel in order to conduct a two-week intensive workshop with 10 local artists from the fields of art, dance, theatre, music, performance and more. On the 4th of June, marking the end of the workshop and the exhibition opening, My Barbarian will present a performance in collaboration with the workshop's Israeli participants.
The workshop and performance are based on techniques of improvisation and physical expression. The exhibition opening on the same evening will show works photographed by participants of a similar workshop held in Cairo in 2008.

Artists participating in the workshop and performance: Oleg Bregman / Oree Holban / Ayelet Lerman / Anisa Ashkar / Danny Rotshtein / Daniel Yahel / Meir Tati / Mor Gur  Arie / Netally Schlosser / Smadar Levy / Rachel Lavian / Adi Avidani / Sharon Hakak / Tama Ovadia

The exhibition is supported by The Jerusalem Foundation and Creative Capital.