Urban Webs and Enclaves: The UnPhotographable

(09.9.2014, Sale d’Armi at Arsenale Venice)

September the 9th 14:00 , Sale d’Armi at Arsenale Venice

We have the honor of inviting you to participate in our session in the biennale of architecture in Venice.
Arch. Rivka Gutman
Arch. Daniel Mintz
Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem
The Department of Architecture


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The (K/cool) question regarding the fundamentals in architecture challenges our "after-party" era to return to the classic origins of architecture and readdress that which has been erased and forgotten in the white noise of (the age of) mechanical reproduction during the last century - the unphotographable.
The impact of photography/media on architecture is significant to the manner we think architecture since - and not just relate to it as a periodic style. Architecture is published, not just built. And yet, it still appears as if the aesthetics-anaesthetics nature of photography/media (in Buck-Morss’ words) has preferred the tourist over the dweller, object over space and building over city.
Based on these insights, we conducted a workshop with a group of architecture students at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem. The workshop began with the outline of a classically proportioned field of 1000 X 500 m, in a 1:500 scale. Upon this field we outlined a grid, thus setting an apparatus for research on a human scale as space and time. Through teamwork, the field was transformed into an imaginary fragment of human space-time-action. The 2D grid became a 3D web; the resultant spatial conflicts generated enclaves, and light performed as a mediating tool to illuminate the poetics of webs and enclaves, bringing forth the unphotographable as a fundamental aspect of architecture.
Arch. Rivka Gutman
Arch. Daniel Mintz
Students from the Department of Architecture:
Osama Abu Jaber, Zohar Isenberg, Inbal Amoyal, Yaara Beja, Etamar Ben Hamou. Rina Ben Shimol, Emily Lyat Dichter, Racheli Hermon, Mika Levi, Natan Cherniakov, Oren Rogovin, Shalev Shelly Rachel Shmulewich, Ginosar Wolf Hansel, Sapir Yechiel, Lihi Jelin, Noy Levin, Lihi Magen