Carpets:The territory of painting _ From Ido Bar-El to Yaara Zach

(22.10-14.11.2015, 60 Salame St. Tel Aviv)

Exhibition at The Miriam Nissenholtz Gallery, 60 Salame St. Tel Aviv

Opening on Oct. 22 at 20:00 pm

Closing on Nov 14


Carpets: the territory of painting, from Ido Bar-El to Yaara Zach
The Miriam Nissenholtz Gallery, the MFA project space, will inaugurate its 2015-16 program with an exhibition about painting, which will be the subject of several academic programs in the next two academy years. Entitled “Carpets: the territory of painting, from Ido Bar-El to Yaara Zach” it includes artworks by artists Ido Bar-El, Noa Glazer, Yudith Levin, Zvi Mairovich, Toony Hilla Navok, Joshua Neustein, Matan Oren, Nahum Tevet, and Yaara Zach.

The idea behind the show is to present works that are connected to the language of painting without looking like what we usually call “a painting.” In other words all the works have a painterly element and yet they are all floor works; this means that the wall space of the Miriam Nissenholtz Gallery will be completely empty while all works will lay and none of them will be hung.

Ido Bar-El will present two works which continue his desire to question the rules of painting, following the tradition of ready-made (Duchamp), object trouvé (Picasso) and appropriation (Pictures Generation); possibly understood as sculptural, Noa Glazer’s piece highlights the pictorial aspects of materials such as straw and rattan, following the ideas theorized by Sara Breitberg-Semel’s exhibition “The Want of Matter: A Quality in Israeli Art” (Tel Aviv Museum, 1986); “The Want of Matter” participating artist Yudith Levin will present the only ‘floor painting’ she ever made, a tribute to post-impressionist and pointillist artist Georges Seurat.

One of the protagonist of the “new horizon group” ¬– with Arie Aroch, Avraham Naton, Avigdor Stematsky and Yehezkel Streichman – Zvi Mairovich’s work will be presented in the form of a actual carpet that was never shown before; Bezalel MFA graduate Toony Hilla Navok will present a work entitled Origins (Horizon) that continues her research on color and composition in space; Joshua Neustiein will present a piece which consists of several layers of plastic sheets that have been previously displayed on the floor of his New York studio and on which other pieces were been lying during their making.

MFA second year student Matan Oren presents a piece that brings his research on the notion of “painting-as-object” to a new phase; Nahum Tevet will recreate a piece from the 1970s which has been the main inspiration for this exhibition; Similarly to Noa Glazer, Bezalel MFA graduate Yaara Zach will present two pieces in which painting takes the (primary-like) shapes of industrial velvet, zippers and vinyl.

The title of the exhibition comes from the Hebrew root of the word “carpet” which can also be applied to the word “territory” or “flatness”; the aim behind this choice is to look at the territory of painting as something that is not strictly defined by rather easy to stretch, something we can continuously reconsider and reformulate.

“Carpets: the territory of painting, from Ido Bar-El to Yaara Zach” is organized by Nicola Trezzi, head of the MFA program at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design; the program at the Miriam Nissenholtz Gallery, the MFA project space, is supported by Rivka Saker and Uzi Zucker.