The In-Between Space - A series of two sessions discussing Israel's extra urban spaces

(30.3-31.3.2016, See Inside, )

The Masters Program in Urban Design is pleased to invite you to:
The In-Between Space
A series of two sessions discussing Israel's extra urban spaces
Observations through the books: Tamar Berger "Autotopia" and Daphna Levin "Third Space" raising questions on Israeli suburbia and its configurations
Session 1
The Third Space
30/03/2016 - Time: 17: 00- 16:00
Location: Hansen House, Jerusalem
A lecture by architect Daphna Levin on center and periphery in Israeli literature. Examination of the topic of suburbia as presented in Israeli literature, reflecting on the phenomenon through a broad reading.
[Daphna Levin - architect, graduate of the architecture department at Bezalel and a teacher at the Department of Architecture; BA and MA in Comparative Literature at the Hebrew University; Director of Strategic Planning Department, City of Bat Yam]
Session 2
03/31/2016 – Time 17:00-20:00 –Location: The Department of Architecture, Bezalel, Shmuel Ha’nagid 1, Jerusalem
* Event in collaboration with the Department of Architecture at Bezalel
Lecture by Tamar Berger, hosting various speakers presenting points of view regarding the Israeli in-between space following the publication of Berger's latest book Autotopia 
[Tamar Berger, a researcher and essayist, writing about culture, space, urbanism and modernity, especially on Israel. Wrote the books: Dionysus In the Center (KM 1997), In the World of Toys (Resling, 2008)
Participants: Dr. Meirav Aharon Gutman, Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion; Gilad Ophir, Photographer, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design; Gal Weinstein, Artist, Department of Multidisciplinary Art, Shenkar, Dr. Arch. Els Verbakel; Head of the Masters Program in Urban Design, Bezalel; Architect Dikla Izhar, Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion; Architect Yuval Yaski, Head of the Department of Architecture, Bezalel; Architect Daniela Posek, Central District planner, the Planning Authority; Avi Pitchon, Writer and Artist; Prof. Tovi Fenster, Department of Geography, University of Tel Aviv; Architect Nirit Rosenstein, Project Manager, Africa Israel Residences; Architect Giora Rothman, Rothman Architecture and Urban Planning; Prof. Architect Ayala Ronel, School of Architecture, University of Tel Aviv.