Urbanity or Not To Be? | Peripheral Cities in Israel

(09.11.2016, 16:00-17:00, Hansen House, 14 Gedalyahu Alon St., Jerusalem, )

OTHER URBANISM(S): The Urban Beyond  - Colloquium #1


Hansen House, 14 Gedalyahu Alon St., Jerusalem

Guest Lecturers :  Aser Giménez Ortega, Architect | MVRDV, Netherlands
    Thomas Krarup, Architect | COBE, Denmark

Discussants:  Ran Meron, Landscape Architect | Israel Landscape Architects Association
         Els Verbakel, PhD, Architect| Bezalel Academy
         Daniela Posek, Architect | Bezalel Academy, Chief Planner of the Central District
         Ori Scialom, Architect | Bezalel Academy, Studio Stability for Architecture and Urban Design


Based on pure modernist ideas, Israel was not planned gradually, but rather at once, with its first master plan (the "Sharon Plan", 1951) perceiving the land as a clean slate. Nowadays, Israel is still in a continuous process of growth, and in the midst of an endless production process of master plans in any scale.

Our Second Year studio deals with everyday life and its manifestation in urban planning and the architecture of peripheral cities in Israel. The studio focuses on Yavne, a small city south of Tel-Aviv of 40,000 inhabitants challenged by the need for future growth. The studio addresses the question of over-planning versus the non-plan, and to what extent urban design should relate to a need to 'fix' the existing urban conditions.

The open debate, which is a part of a students' workshop at the studio, will focus on the question of the need for urbanity (if at all) in these peripheral urban conditions. Along with guest speakers' presentations, the debate will deal with an analysis of the city and a definition of the key parameters for understanding and tackling the complexity of the existing situation. The debate will aim towards exploring different analysis methods and developing alternative planning tools, while drawing possible strategies for intervention.