Jerusalem Autonomous City

(11.1-11.2.2017, Jerusalem Urban Design Center, Jerusalem Municipality, Safra Square, building no. 1 floor no. 0)

The Autonomous City Workshop took place in Jerusalem at May 20th-26th 2016, and was followed by a lecture at the Beit Hamodel- Jerusalem Urban Design Center, in which local planners participated and were introduced to this interesting and innovative field. The workshop dealt with the face of the city in the age of autonomous cars - not regarding the cars themselves, but rather regarding the way they influence the city, in three future scenarios and the resulted changes on public space, urban services and human interactions in the city, with Jerusalem as the case study. The common opinion is that the change the autonomous car offers today is parallel to the transition period from carriages to cars in the sense of the deep social-cultural-urban change it creates. The workshop took place in collaboration with the Changing Places Media Lab of M.I.T, The Graduate Program in Industrial Design and The Graduate Program in Urban Design, Bezalel. In the event the students' works will be exhibited to the public and an open debate will take place. Entrance is free!

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