TOMORROWS: Urban Fictions for Possible Futures

(24.5.2017, 18:30-20:00, Hansen House, 14 Gdalyahu Alon St., Jerusalem , )

Hansen House, 14 Gdalyahu Alon St., Jerusalem 


Guest Lecturer:
Panos Dragonas | School of Architecture, University of Patras, Greece

Round Table:  
Dr. Yossi Klein, Bezalel
Dr. Tamar Berger, Bezalel
Under the annual theme of Other Urbanism(s), the Graduate Program of Urban Design Bezalel is happy to host Prof. Panos Dragonas- an architect, curator, professor at the University of Patras and co-founder of Dragonas Christopoulou Architects. His lecture will present “Tomorrows,” an exhibition now being held in Athens which showcases an interesting selection of design fiction and urban speculation projects, with a particular emphasis on the Mediterranean area. The lecture will be followed by a round table discussion with Dr. Yossi Klein and Dr. Tamar Berger.