Yaffo 23

(17.7-20.8.2010, Bezalel, Yaffo 23/ Jerusaelm, Entrance from 3 Coresh st., )


Bezalel, Yaffo 23/ Jerusaelm
#2: After Cinema
July 17th till August 20th
Opening: Saturday, July 17th, 8pm
Yaffo 23, the new art-site of Bezalel in downtown Jerusalem, is pleased to announce the opening of #2: After Cinema. The opening evening, Saturday, July 17th, 8pm, will feature a screening of Christian Marclay’s “Screenplay” accompanied by live music. Free entrance.
“After Cinema” will open during the last days of the Jerusalem Film Festival. It addresses the changes that the cinema undergoes as it is translated to other media. Marclay’s “Screenplay” is a graphic score; a movie that is intended to be used as musical notation. During the opening evening, two musical groups will perform the movie live. In addition, “After Cinema” includes local and international artists whose works examine the cinematic structure and expose or decompose the cinematic illusions of synchronization, narrative, and documentation.
In the second phase of this project, from August 1st, Maya Zack will build a living set and conduct a performance and a workshop leading to a short movie.
The visitors are welcome to participate.
List of participants:
Ayelet Ben Dor/ Bar Faber / Douglas Gordon/ Christian Marclay / Maya Zack/ Maya Inbar/