A scheme of things to be by Yaron Lapid

(20.3-10.4.2011, The Department of Photography, Bezalel, Jerusalem, Israel, )

 For me, The Bezalel Department of Photography's Gallery is not a neutral space. As a student I hung my work in it for critical feedback. I also attended exhibitions here - some by successful alumni of the department. When I was invited to show in the gallery, I wanted to respond to this context and history.
A scheme of things to be is composed of hundreds of found photos of all the students who studied in Bezaele Academy in the year 2003. The images are arranged and installed as a take on a 'Dado rail' - an architectural detail of an indoor decoration, along the lower part of the wall. In Israel, a Dado is mainly found in public institutions.
The use of these images refers to the inherent tension between potential and realisation, raising issues such as the possible contradiction between creativity and different aspects of the market. As well as being captured portraits, the images of the students represent a collection of "histories" and their relation to the institution. These images feel and behave like an administrative tool, but my interest in them comes from the point in time when they were put together. At this point, the image goes beyond the mere description to become an evidence for the student's state of pure potential - a state that lasts for a brief period following graduation.