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“THINKING HANDS”  (View Poster)
Curators: Ezri Tarazi, Haim Parnas, Ilanit Kabessa and Liora Rosin
Israel's leading arts and design academy selected to exhibit work at the Ventura Lambrate Collective Space during the Milan Salone Internazionale del Mobile in April 2011
Jerusalem and Milan, April 2011: The Industrial Design department of the Bezalel Academy, one of the leading academies of its kind in the world, has been chosen among a select group of international academies to exhibit its works of design at the new, avant-garde Ventura Lambrate district during Milan Salone Internazionale del Mobile (also known as Milan Design Week), the largest design fair in the world, which takes place in Milan, Italy, from April 12 to 17 this year.
Bezalel Academy was chosen to showcase 45 works from 37 under-graduate and post-graduate students, alongside work from the Royal College of Art in London, the School of Art and Design in Lodz, Poland, and the Academy of Art Maastricht in The Netherlands, among others – 16 in total. Bezalel, as a result of its portfolio of work, has been allocated the third largest exhibition area (100 m2), showing that Bezalel’s students can hold their own among the top art and design schools in the world.
“The philosophical background of the theme of the exhibition, ‘Thinking Hands’, comes from the new integrations and combinations possibilities in design today, enabled by the post-industrial radical change,” says Prof Ezri Tarazi, head of the Master of Design program. “Bezalel is a cutting-edge laboratory of design in which students explore and experiment with the unconventional and unordinary in design today, and Milan is the best place to expose the Bezalel scene.”
Exhibitors names:
Arthur Brutter / Adi Zaffran Weisler / Aviya David Shoham / Daniel Azoulay / Dror Peleg / Etamar Beglikter / Galit Begas / Gil Sheffi / Hadar Snir / Inon Rettig / Itay Laniado /  Johnathan Hopp  / Koby Sibony / Lior Bar-Chen / Liora Rosin / Maya Halter  / Michael Tsinzovsky / Nir Shalom / Nitsan Debbi / Noa Habas / Noa Himelfarb  / Noam Tabenkin / Omer Ackerman / Ophir Zak / Ori  Sonnenschein / Ori Yekutiel / Roi Vaspi-Yanai / Ronit Landsman / Shira Keret / Shlomi Eiger / Tal Frenkel Alroy / Talia Mukmel /Tatyana Gorodetsky / Tlalit Segal Raayoni/ Yael Barnea / Yael Friedman

 The cooperation between Negev and Bezalel Academy in the emphasis of Green Design continues in Milan

The cooperation between "Negev" company and the department of Industrial Design at Bezalel, constitutes the first initiative which encourages projects that deal with development of ecological products and technologies for residential areas.
This project, which is now in its second year- supports Bezalel's lab approach which enables students to seek, experiment and create the future today and it enables "Negev" to be a partner in designing our common home- here on Earth.
The Department of Industrial Design- graduate and post graduate program has been chosen to exhibit in Milan as part of the "design week" events in a combined exhibition space at the Avant-garde LAMBRATE area. The works of 40 students and post graduates will be exhibited at the exhibition "thinking hands" alongside with young design groups and chosen design schools such as RCA from London. The main emphasis in the exhibited projects is on ecological design. After Bezalel has been chosen to exhibit, Negev has joined effort to the mutual goal of promoting exposure to Israeli innovative design.
Due to combined approaches these two bodies wish to enhance and encourage joint projects by academic and ideological support and scholarships.

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