Haverut - Bezalel - Hadassa

(23.5-21.7.2011, Hadassah Hospital, Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem)

Opening Event of the Haverut-Bezalel-Hadassha Art Display
May 23rd, 2011  7:00 pm

Free entrance , All are welcome!!

The opportunity to create provides patients with a way of perceiving themselves as inspirational people with interests and capabilities. This is an opportunity for them to connect with the healthy, creative, and free person that is within every one of us. Even when ill, suffering from physical limitations, and confined to bed we all have the ability to create.

This exhibit displays art works of students of the  Bezalel- Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, and patients in the various wards of the hospital: Rehabilitation, Pediatrics, Day Care Pediatrics, Out-patient Pediatrics Surgery, Out-patient Hematology, Pediatric Neurological Clinic, Pediatric Emergency Room, Pediatric Cardiologic Outpatient Clinic and High Risk Pregnancy.
The students' art works express their encounter with the patients and reflect the process they each went through during the year.

In this project students met with hospital's patients on a weekly basis through out the year.
The art works are fruits of the collaborative work of Haverut, Bezalel and Hadassah.

Partners in this project:
Ayana Shany, Riham Sowwan- Dept. of Fine arts 
Gali Gurevich- Dept .of Photography
Rinat Laor- Dept. of Screen Based Arts
Tamar Hendler, Yeela Wilschanski- Dept. of Ceramics and Glass
Shlomi Mir, Itamar Foguel, Neria Haim, Adi Paz-Faingold, Tammie Gourevitch- Dept. of Industrial Design
Ester Klein- Dept. of Jewelry and Fashion 
Bat El Sebbag, Sonia Sheinman- Dept. of Visual Communication

Professional Staff:
Tamar Arman- program coordinator, Bezalel
Naama Sarussi/ Ariella Vogel Shalitin- program coordinators, Haverut
Rachel Ettun- CEO Haverut

Exhibition Staff:
Design: Guy Ben Adon, Guy Mishali
Graphic design: Guy Blander, Lenna Barnett
Photography: Gali Gurevich, Masha Shtutman
Concept and curatorship: Shelly Hershko, Dean of Students, Bezalel
Haverut empowers the medical world – the caregiver, patient and the healing environment - by strengthening a genuine connection between them and the world of spirituality, creativity and community.
The organization was established by Rachel Ettun, in memory of her daughter, Ruth z”l, who passed away from Cystic Fibrosis at the age of 11½.

Spiritual care is an invitation to meet, to connect to meaning and personal sources of strength, and to engage in life.
Creativity is an invitation for the individual to connect to healthy, creative and liberated parts that exist within oneself.  

The human link that evolves from the mutual activities between the community members and the hospital's patients brings life, love and hope in the hearts of all.
Haverut- a registered non-profit organization, based on volunteerism and donations.
For details and donations contact us info@haverut.org.il tel 050-7696117