Exhibition Allowed

(25.5-02.6.2011, bezalel)

The international exchange students invite you to their exhibition: "Exhibition Allowed"
The opening will take place on Wednesday, May 25, 2011 at 6pm in the Fine Arts Department (6th Floor, Mount Scopus Campus)
The exhibition will close on June 2, 2011.
Please see the attached poster for more information.
Hope to see you there!!
Chloe Mannasseh: "Dream Sequence" (without explanation)
Gaytri Easwaran: "Village school as a community asset" (with explanation)
Ondrej Velebny: "Tutorial: How to survive a class spoken in Hebrew and gain some knowledge as an exchange student." (without explanation)
Elke Heberle: No title
Cameron Barnes: No title?
Will Wetherilt: "Details" (A peek into my obsession)
Saara Olkkonen: ?
Tyler Gathro: "Untitled"
Tim Reichelt: No title
Kristyna Sormova: ?
Cassy Wainer: "Home" and "Organics" (with explanation)
Iva Jancova:?
Jonas Neuilly: "Desire temple" (explanation?)
Jessica Wasieleski: "Whats left of me"
Rebecca New: "Life’s a Glitch and then You Die" (with explanation)
Claire de Pimodan: ?
Fortune Wahba: "Where is god"
Katarina Erlina: "Everything is illuminated" 
Marco Goller: "das etwas andere Portrait"
Naomi Feuerstein: Milk it for what it's worth
Doris Pollhammer: no title
Alberto Olcese: ?
Hugo Cohen: ?
Hannah Thompson
Hannah Choi:  '.אני לא מיפן, אני לא מסין. אני מדרום קוריאה'
Marta Burugorri: "Shabbath Shalom" "שבת-שלום"