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Selection of Graduate Works

Bezalel 2011: Graduates Exhibition
Dov Abramovich, 24/7
, 2011, Graduated 2011, Jewelry and Fashion
A never-ending chase after time led me to create a series of objects that convey a sense of time through a sensory experience. The series combines two opposing concepts of time: the western concept, which regards time as a particularly important resource and attempts to break it down, consume and command it  and the Buddhist concept of time, which sanctifies the moment, the present, and maintains a cyclic concept of time based on observation of nature's cycles, with no beginning or end. The series consists of three objects worn on the body, the hand and the head. An internal electronic mechanism, generating vibration and sound, makes the wearer feel each moment that passes.
Materials: silver, polymer, electronic mechanisms built especially for this project.
Technique: 3D printing
Dimensions: 15.4x15 cm – 5.1x5 cm.


Dov Abramovich
Graduated 2011