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Selection of Graduate Works

Bezalel 2011: Graduates Exhibition
Doraya Avital, Lumi – Luminous connection
, 2011, Graduated 2011, Jewelry and Fashion
The lighting fixture is based, conceptually and design-wise, on the world of underwater creatures that exists owing to complex connections and symbiotic interrelations. The lighting fixture consists of two duplicated modular base units, and the contact between these two units generates light. Connecting one unit with the other creates an infinite lighting fixture that grows larger or smaller according to the number of units it is made up of.
Materials: PE foam, epoxy resin, LED lamp strip, 2*2 connectors
Techniques: vacuum forming, epoxy coating, tin soldering
Dimensions: each unit 5x8 cm
Doraya Avital
Graduated 2011
Lumi – Luminous connection