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Selection of Graduate Works

Bezalel 2011: Graduates Exhibition
Roni Ben-Sasson, Imprints
, 2011, Graduated 2011, Jewelry and Fashion
The collection is based on a personal story – two illustrated characters appear on the various models and present different situations, exposing segments from a complete story that embodies longing, yearning, disaster, loneliness and strength.
I drew my inspiration from the personal manner in which people put their clothes on their person: creating a look of 'layers', folds, squints, grips, cuts and tears in the fabric.
The choice of materials was influenced by the printing technique, which varies from model to model. This work process produced five unique characters who recount the story to the viewer from different viewpoints.
Materials: woven and knitted cotton
Techniques: patternmaking, draping, silk screen printing, iron-on printing, laser cutting.
Roni Ben-Sasson
Graduated 2011