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Selection of Graduate Works

Bezalel 2011: Graduates Exhibition
Group work, Jeanshood
, 2011
Shachaf Koren, Graduated 2011, Jewelry and Fashion
Ido Slivkovitz, Graduated 2011, Jewelry and Fashion
The first pair of denim Jeans were sewn about one hundred and forty years ago (1873). This first pair had straight lines and the overall shape of a rectangle. These trousers did not have belt loops, had only one pocket on the back and were made from a heavy, thick, blue fabric. Over the years, Jeans have evolved and improved: the trousers we wear today are radically different from the 1873 originals – but we still call them Jeans.
Why do we still define garments and accessories as Jeans, despite the fact that many of them are no longer made from the original denim fabric and some are not even trousers? What is the formula that turns a product or a garment into Jeans? What is that "Jeanshood"? How far can you stretch the limits of a material, object or concept, and from which point would you find yourselves facing something else? Look at this collection and ask yourselves: Is what you see Jeans?
Materials: denim (Jeans) fabric, cowhide
Techniques: draping, manual dyeing
Group work