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Selection of Graduate Works

Bezalel 2011: Graduates Exhibition
Noam Chen, Redisigning Five Of Amos Kenan’s Books
, 2011, Graduated 2011, Visual Communication
The author amos kenan died few years ago. Kenan left a broad range of works -
visually and textually.
For my final project i decided to redign five of his books:
- With Whips And Scorpions (1952)
- Book Of Pleasures (1970)
- Under The Flowers (1979)
- Your Land Your Country (1981)
- The Road To Ein Harod (1984)
To each book i added an insert. The inserts were a platform to add my own
interpretation to text and what he means to me.
Noam Chen
Graduated 2011
Redisigning Five Of Amos Kenan’s Books