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Selection of Graduate Works

Bezalel 2011: Graduates Exhibition
omer ga'ash, Jerusalem Theater Identity Design
, 2011, Graduated 2011, Visual Communication
About The Project
In my final project I chose to create a new identity for the Jerusalem Theater, A Host
institution that holds a variety of shows and events held throughout the year. Jerusalem
Theatre opened in 1971. Architect - Michael Chandler & Co., sculpture - Yechiel Shemi.
Jerusalem Theatre host over - 600,000 visitors a year, children to adults. From day one,
The building design concept was addresed as a theatrical center in Jerusalem that will be
a piece of architecture that allows a wide range of activities simultaneously along with
social gatherings and activities on issues related to the performing arts.
The way I look at this place is like an empty cage that can be filled with vary events. In
my design I’ve created a system that receives a visual image and / or written content, and
preserves the same look by designing the hosted show but still maintains the same
Jerusalem Theater identity.
Connecting between the building from inside and outside is made by integration of the
sculptures in the complex. Based on this principle I made products such as Program show
screens and projection lights show at the sculpture above the entrance, by that shares
content with visitors from outside connecting the place to the amount of activity that occurs
on a daily bases.
omer ga'ash
Graduated 2011
Jerusalem Theater Identity Design