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Screen Based Arts, Graduate Works 2011
tamar Aviner, The heart of days
, 2011, Graduated 2011, Fine Arts

At night, all that is dormant wakes up. Under the floor, a sea is storming. It raises and floods everything.  It carries her to the heart of the seas, to the nothing, to the opaque. When she goes in she finds that-
The sea is transparent, full of life and fears. There she meets her reflection, her soul. It's calling out for her to come and wake her up before she shuts-down inside the fearful heart. She's asking her to come to her, through the fear. In the depth of fear and darkness, she remembers and hopes for that one light. With the flashlight given to her by her grandfather, she begins to light up her inner world. Dancing with her soul she reaches forgotten places within herself and through them, she finds her way home.

modeling clay ( plastilin) on light table
7 min

tamar Aviner
Graduated 2011
The heart of days