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Screen-Based Arts: Gallery and Graduate Works

Screen Based Arts, Graduate Works 2011
Group work, Iluzia
, 2011
Udi Asoulin, Graduated 2011, Screen-Based Arts
Uria Naeh, Graduated 2011, Screen-Based Arts

A young man arrives at a cabin in the woods, wearing nothing but underpants. The cabin is packed with records and souvenirs of Bandora, the singer whom he admires. He plays a record on the record player, when a mysterious feminine figure lures him to a wild chase in the forest, during which he confronts his previous romantic failures.
The film combines two animation techniques: Stop motion and drawn animation. This unique combination creates a new and interesting visual image, one that also contributes to the distinction between reality and imagination.
Stop-motion and drawn animation, 5:30 minutes

Group work