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Benjamin Swig

Industrial Design Filnal Projects 2008
Shir Loewenstein, Fliquid(2)
, 2008, Graduated 2008, Industrial Design, Ceramics and silicone

A series of home products made of a combination of two materials - ceramics and silicon. The soft materials allow catching the liquid, to influence the design of the item and in this way to increase the sensory experience of the use of the product, adding a game-like aspect and new and unique appearance to a world of similar home products.
In all the utensils the ceramic and silicon pieces are fused by cold links, of geometric nature through the use of tension, vacuum, hugging and undercuts, with no need of glue or another adhesive.  The special properties of silicon give it many advantages; silicon allows you to make strong, long-lasting and water-proof seams, makes it possible to produce each part of the utensils separately. In addition, the utensil can be disassembled in order to clean it.

Shir Loewenstein
Graduated 2008
Ceramics and silicone