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Screen-Based Arts: Gallery and Graduate Works

Screen Based Arts 2012 : Graduate Works
Group work, "full moon"
, 2012, Classic Animation and Stop Motion Animation 5 Minutes
Revital Laufer, Graduated 2012, Screen-Based Arts
Guy Garibian, Graduated 2012, Screen-Based Arts

Our movie describes a young new couple, arriving to their new and modest house, whose construction is still in progress.  The house resides in the center of a secluded forest.

During the movie the hero notices a high structure in the forest, towering above all the
trees, and desires to make his house even taller.
The hero abandons the task of ending the construction of the roof of his house, and instead puts all his energy and time to the task of constructing more and more levels to it.

Meanwhile, the hero's relationship with his family gradually degrades, reaching a point where the only way of communication between then is through the hole in the ceiling of the house. While the family spends it's days on the lower level of the house, the hero stays on the upper levels, busily attending his construction work up to the point where he is abandoned by his family and left alone.



Rony Oren

Amit Lior

Michael Feust

Osi walad

Group work

"full moon"
Classic Animation and Stop Motion Animation  5 Minutes