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Screen Based Arts 2012 : Graduate Works
Group work, Making a living
, 2012, CG Animation 06:20 min
Elias Zauda, Graduated 2012, Screen-Based Arts
nechemia Weinberger, Screen-Based Arts

מנחים: אורי אינקס, עופר שפיר, משה זילברנגל.


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אליאס זאודה

The story takes place in a 19th century Shtetl. Our film tells the story of Menachem, the town undertaker.
Years of good health and fortune in the town have left Menachem without work, poor and hungry.
An accident involving the fiddler on the roof leads Menachem to the conclusion that he does not have to remain poor and he begins causing accidents around the Shtetl.


Group work

Making a living
CG Animation  06:20 min