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Screen Based Arts 2012 : Graduate Works
Group work, The Mystery Of Mr. Mouse
, 2012, Hand drawn Animation 5:30 min
Ella Penso, Graduated 2012, Screen-Based Arts
Einav Izack, Graduated 2014, Screen-Based Arts
מנחים: אורי אינקס, חנן קמינסקי, אסנת ולד, טל גדון

A short hand drawn animation film in a classic "film Noir" style, which draws its scenery from the classic children's tale "Dira Lehaskir" by Miss Lea Goldberg. The Short film uses the well known Israeli tale, and gives it another layer. One of the coldness and darkness of the United States depression times, filled with distrust, evil and lack of morality of its characters. By doing so, he makes a strong contrast to the ethical and rational story line of Lea Goldberg. As a Mystery film, the movie is inkling the viewer to anticipate the Detective's future, his findings in each neighbors apartments and his resolve of the mystery at hand.
Group work

The Mystery Of Mr. Mouse
Hand drawn Animation 5:30 min