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Screen Based Arts 2012 : Graduate Works
Yevgeni Karchak, human nature
, 2012, Graduated 2012, Screen-Based Arts, 3d animation

מנחים: אורי אינקס, אייל סורק.




in an post apocalyptic world, the last survivor is fighting to stay alive  in a ruined city.
During a search for food he notices a falling meteor heading to the city. he rushes to the area to see what it caused.
When he arrives to the impact place he notices a Playground, that looks untouched by the war and surprisingly new.
 He understands that this is the a result of the  meteor  falling from the sky ,and he discovers that it has the power to innovate and destroy things even give human life and take it. How will he choose to use the object?


Yevgeni Karchak
Graduated 2012
human nature
3d animation