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Screen Based Arts 2012 : Graduate Works
Ayala Netzer, self portrait
, 2012, Graduated 2015, Screen-Based Arts, video 8:20 min

מנחה: רונן לייבמן, פרופ' דודו מזח.



The video seeks to examine and operate on two different fields: Firstly, it examines the politics of art. What do you have to do in order to be an active artist? What do you have to do in order to succeed? Who do you have to connect to? How do you have to speak, act, dress in order to be a part of the thing that is called “the art world”?

Secondly, the video seeks to examine the personal identity of its artist, as a young woman who is about to come out to the world but is still not sure

Ayala Netzer
Graduated 2015
self portrait
video 8:20 min