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Screen Based Arts 2012 : Graduate Works
Mali Solomon, לא רוצים אבא מאבטח
, 2012, Graduated 2012, Screen-Based Arts, Documentary 20:00 min



This is the story of Victor Brown. A man whose years are well apparent on his face. Victor works for a living as a security guard in the Herzliyah Hebrew High School. Everyday he does the same shift, he guards, patrols, punches the clock and goes home.
The girls and boys who pass Victor everyday on their way in and out of the school are not aware of his big secret.
Every night, Victor exchanges his uniform to regular clothes and starts his second shift as a film director. These days, Victor works on his third film about the life and death of the composer Beethoven, starring Assi Dayan. In the midst of making this film, Victor has to face many difficulties, mainly the co-workers in the film industry who are trying to steal his thunder.
The film speaks about Victor's difficulties in making his fantasies come true, while still trying vigorously even when everything seems lost.


Mali Solomon
Graduated 2012
לא רוצים אבא מאבטח
Documentary 20:00 min