Master in Fine Arts

MFA - 2014 Final Exhibition - Selected Images
Danielle Fischer, Some Time Some Place ,Just for You
, 2014, Graduated 2014, M.F.A.
In my work I look to build a space, to configure a place encamped within the constant movement and uncertainty of our times. A place where the rich , the poor , the business man flying first class and the immigrant wanderer are located, in the same place  a place of no place, no home. They are both the stranger stranded between the heavens and the earth suspended in this in-between passageway to sometime, some place unknown. A transitory place of waiting is what we have so I build a shelter for you. It is here, now, at this time, a place of meeting in which I'd like to invite you in, host you all and perform shows while we wait. I'll sing love songs and take you back stage to this game of art. With expired parachutes, airplane blankets and other people's memories I create a set of displacement in which the settings change and all balance is altered. You are lost for a moment in time, shipwrecked at sea to rethink contexts, the way things go. This place of waiting becomes a jungle so big with life moving me this way and that way and that way and this. Did you ever have a place move you this way and that all because it lets you get so lost in it? As you walk out and about this place- Tell me what you'd like–it to be- yes! Give me this backstage pass to a show so wonderful it takes me in oh how it takes me in. I am so very grateful your honor, I am to you. I examine fragments from here. I apply sparkles to wrap them up and make them shine for you- Do you Love me? I come from the Middle East? The year: unkown, the medium: several, the size: infinite. I tell tall tales about that thing that thing we didn’t notice.  I am on location and asking you to come sit with me for a while -Now let the games begin. 
Danielle Fischer
Graduated 2014
Some Time Some Place ,Just for You