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Benjamin Swig

Industrial Design 2014 : Graduate Works
Dan Teboul, The Language of Machines
, 2014, Graduated 2014, Industrial Design

CAD (Computer-aided design), which used to be the exclusive domain of professionals, has become accessible to the general public. With that in mind, I sought to examine through the eyes of a designer a unique technology that integrates metal spinning with a CNC machine. By uploading a CAD file to the machine, this technology allows the creation of various volumes comprised of sheet metal. The main advantage over equivalent technologies is the ability to manufacture without the need of a mold/pattern/form, with significant savings as well as leeway and creative freedom.
In the course of the project I used this technology as a platform for design research, and examined its boundaries and distinctive morphology through a wide range of products.  Through the series of toy cars I present the conclusions gathered in the project, or if you'd like, "the language of machines" that imbues each toy with its unique character.

Advisor: Tal Gur

Dan Teboul
Graduated 2014
The Language of Machines