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Benjamin Swig

Industrial Design 2014 : Graduate Works
Gal Bulka, Moving Utensils
, 2014, Graduated 2014, Industrial Design

In a world where more and more objects are becoming dependent on battery, replaced by a two-dimensional app, or can be controlled directly from our Smartphone, it is interesting to reflect on our objects as autonomous things: objects whose movement does not take place in a two-dimensional app, and whose charm is maintained in a three-dimensional world.
As a case study I chose utensils: a plate, cutlery, and a Juicer, which are inherently incongruent with objects such as a battery or a charger. The utensils are activated by only one force – the food itself. I used a technology that allows a three-dimensional printing of shape-memory polymers that shrink in contact with moisture and allow movement. The source of moisture is the utensils' natural interaction with the food. The project integrates natural principles with the traits inherent to this technology, in the aim of promoting a new evolution of objects.

 Advisor: Tal Gur

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Gal Bulka
Graduated 2014
Moving Utensils