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Industrial Design 2014 : Graduate Works
Tal Bachar, Charge Yourself
, 2014, Graduated 2014, Industrial Design

In a world that is becoming increasingly technological, the use of the Smartphone is an inseparable part of everyday life. The dependency on the device summons a new breed of restlessness entailed in the race after a charged battery, which may run out in the middle of the street. There is always another task on our to-do list, and in the stressful routine there is not always the time to stop and rest. And so we exhaust ourselves in the pursuit of a charger and forget to recharge ourselves.
The project addresses the dual meaning problem of "an empty battery" and provides a possibility to recharge the device and ourselves at the same time. The project uses a renewing energy for inductive (wireless) charging and offers solar benches in the public space on which it is possible to charge the Smartphone while taking a short break. 

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 Advisor: Hadar Shapira

Tal Bachar
Graduated 2014
Charge Yourself