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Benjamin Swig

Industrial Design 2014 : Graduate Works
Orlin Ben Ami, Slowly
, 2014, Graduated 2014, Industrial Design

The set of dishes "Slowly" recounts the story of traditional baking and turn the spotlight on movements that were passed on from generation to generation. Through the dishes the tradition was translated to practice in which the material and the hand touch the dough together, in a sensory experience that fills with satisfaction those who give baking a place in their heart and in their homes, and eventually allows the manifestation of the labor to touch all of us.
The project was inspired by the slow-food and slow-design movements. These wish to establish a responsible society that preserves and protects the heritage of the food we eat, and return to traditional warm origins in design by working with natural materials like wood. The project offers a return to touch – the haptic experience of the work process. The dishes highlight and enhance the hand motions through intuition and sensitivity embodied in the actions of measuring, rolling, folding, and kneading.

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Advisor: Feodor Bezzubov

Orlin Ben Ami
Graduated 2014