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Industrial Design 2014 : Graduate Works
Meirav Giloh, Purifying Ceiling Fan
, 2014, Graduated 2014, Industrial Design

The air in urban environments is detrimental to our life quality: gas emissions, pollens, smog, dust and various germs are only some of the pollutants that we inhale every day at home and on the street. In the project l examined a possible solution using the prevalent ceiling fan, which stirs the air in the room by sucking the air and blowing it back to the room through the wings – an action that provides an opportunity to purify the air in the process. The project offers an integration of the fan with a purifying material – activated carbon used in different filtering systems, particularly air filtering systems. Using advanced technology, a new connection is formed in which the carbon is interwoven with an organic polymer (latex) and manufactured as a glove for the fan's wing. The circulation improves the air quality in the room, by absorbing pollutants through the wing. After several months the glove, which is made entirely of organic materials, can be replaced. Pleasant breathing!

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Advisor: Prof. Chanan de Lange

Meirav Giloh
Graduated 2014
Purifying Ceiling Fan