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Benjamin Swig

Industrial Design 2014 : Graduate Works
Asaf Dhahn, Fumée – Home Food Smoker
, 2014, Fourth Year, Industrial Design

Smoking is a traditional age-old technique for preserving food using heat and exposure to smoke. In the past, pieces of meat were smoked on hooks above a wood burning stove, or on long poles stretched over a bonfire. Today the technique serves mostly to enhance flavors and performed in professional smokers – most of the smoked foods we eat originate in industrial production. As part of the trend to prepare as many foods as possible at home (baking our own bread, growing vegetables on the roof etc.) and with the accessibility of home smokers, many have started smoking foods at home. The domestic smoker is aimed at introducing the flavors of the outdoors into your kitchen.

Advisor: Feodor Bezzubov

Asaf Dhahn
Fourth Year
Fumée – Home Food Smoker