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Benjamin Swig

Industrial Design 2014 : Graduate Works
Ran Levi, Ray
, 2014, Graduated 2014, Industrial Design

The movement of the air is a hidden energy, visible to the human eye only when it encounters matter. This interesting and precise moment served as my point of departure in the project. Based on the observation of nature and urban environments, I focused on these encounters, relying on three guiding elements – matter, movement, and lighting.
"Ray" are indoors lighting fixtures – a desk lamp and a ceiling lamp – comprised of spring steel, inner lining, and LED lighting. The lamps have minimal initial state, and as the inner lining inflates, the case changes its shape to the maximal state. The air movement serves as the opening mechanism, when the inner lining strives to take its shape while struggling with the spring steel. The more the inner lining opens, the wider the ray of light is.

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Advisor: Haim Parnas

Ran Levi
Graduated 2014