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Industrial Design 2014 : Graduate Works
Ravid Koriat, Feeding Newborns in the NICU
, 2014, Graduated 2014, Industrial Design

The project presents feeding means designated for premature newborns and adapted to the feeding process. The bottle, which also serves as a syringe, allows to measure with accuracy the amount of milk given to the premature baby, information that is critical to the baby's development. Then, the bottle adapted for dual use allows the parent or caregiver to manually feed the baby (feeding by nipple), or if necessary by connecting it via a feeding tube into the baby's stomach.
The project simplifies the process of feeding the premature baby in the NICU: the number of containers used for the milk was reduced, which helps preserve the quality of milk and its essential nutrients, reduces the quantity of milk lost in the transfer between containers, and limits exposure to pollutants. Hanging the bottle on the robe of the neonatal ward using a built-in clip allows a physical closeness between the parent and the baby conducive to the newborn growth and emotional development.

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Advisor: Prof. Ido Bruno

Ravid Koriat
Graduated 2014
Feeding Newborns in the NICU