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Photography 2016 : Graduate Works
Christina Bullata, Visions from the Other Side
, 2016, Graduated 2016, Photography

This body of work is about my feeling of forgetting and the process of remembering. Sometimes I cannot remember my dream after waking up. What I remember is only a feeling or mood from the dream without visual evidence. I try to imagine things, or people’s faces as the keywords that might have been in the dream; however, there’s only a mood of mystery, melancholia and nostalgia remaining in my mind. I feel as if my memories and dreams are trapped in a “drawer” of my subconscious mind.  Throughout this project I’ve tried to express my own feelings of a forgotten and remembered memory of a dream and to portray my inner reality of the subconscious world, by using a pinhole camera which makes the photographs a type of an interesting profusion because of the unpredictability of the result, just like dream

Christina Bullata
Graduated 2016
Visions from the Other Side