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Photography 2016 : Graduate Works
Bar Gafri, Brief artist statement
, 2016, Graduated 2018, Photography, Mixed Media
One day, prior to entering the usual elevator I take to get to work, I came across a billboard note of a makeup artist looking for dark skinned women who are willing to try out a makeup treatment. Intrigued by the innocence of the advisement, I took it off and placed it as a book mark in a Malick Sidibe portraiture book I was to return to the library. A year later, I choose to retake the book only to find the billboard note, untouched, in the same position and page I left it in. Slowly these inevitable trivial objects that I came across on my daily encounters became reminders of the interracial relationship of myself and the other; of the role of acquiring in photography and redistributing the content of the image to fit a generic outlook. I take these mundane images that we are so used to overlooking and reenact them through the photographic process, whether it is through recreating a faux Indian scenery curtain on pure cotton photo paper or replacing Bar Refaeli’s role in Irit’s 2005 summer catalog with an Ethiopian model and the dark skinned caregivers with three generic Israeli women. The attempt to mimic through photography is my best effort forward to reinterpret the post-colonial atmosphere in western society and perhaps it will only cease once my husband will become president of his home country, Trinidad and Tobago, and change its capital name from the ‘Port of Spain’. 
Bar Gafri
Graduated 2018
Brief artist statement
Mixed Media