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Photography 2016 : Graduate Works
Rasha Asfour, “CONFESSIONS OF A Healthoholic"
, 2016, Graduated 2016, Photography, Photography and Video

Between obsession and intensity… My interest in health and nutrition has urged me to create an archive of my journey in weight loss during the last two years which includes hundreds of daily self- portraits, and photographs of my diet.
Furthermore, my "archive" includes an older video I shot while I was a teenager through 4 years as I used to sing in my room alone.
On one hand, my project deals with questions regarding the impact of time on us as imperfect humans starving for perfection. On the other hand, it reveals the true obsession and intensity of weight loss.

Rasha Asfour
Graduated 2016
“CONFESSIONS OF A Healthoholic"
Photography and Video